The recruiting pain was realized back when Saed needed to urgently fill a technical position at his previous company. The job requisition was placed on several job portals and social media outlets such as Facebook and Linkedin. Within several days his email box was flooded with hundreds of CVs. Within several weeks he had several thousand! This is great only if Saed can quickly drill down to the relevant candidates. With pressure mounting from management, he and his recruiting team were losing valuable time joggling emails and job portal accounts, filtering CVs (of which the majority lacked relevant experience), contacting candidates and conducting interviews only to find out that only a handful really fit the job.

Then he thought to himself, what if we can use technology to automate this adhoc and tedious hiring process. A technology which can make job requisition placement, CV aggregation, and relevant candidate discovery seamless and efficient.

In the Spring of 2013 and during StartupWeekend Ramallah, the opportunity presented itself to finally make a change. Saed pitched the profound and innovative recruitment idea after teaming up with his now cofounder and partner Nael Ramadan (Nael has a rich US experience building large scale innovative systems for the telecommunication and internet industry and has worked for companies such as Intuit, Verisign, and the SEC). The idea placed first in the competition and SocialDice was born.


After in depth industry research, the SocialDice team found a serious lack of technological innovation to solve the hiring pain. The market was flooded with expensive recruiting agencies and the candidate tracking systems (ATSs) were very expensive and more tailored for large companies. Furthermore, job sites mostly fail to pull relevant candidates due to their reliance on limited keyword based searches.

We decided to build a SaaS product that enables employers to maximize their reach out for suitable talent through different networks with the opportunity to write their job and advertise to multiple job sites like LinkedIn, Bayt, and Monster with a few clicks. Using our unique AI technology, our customers can drill down to top talent in no time . A technology that analyzes sentences rather than keywords and compares the candidate skills and experience against the job qualifications, extracting key candidate career insights like loyalty, career gap, companies qualify and other KPIs. Through our elaborate automation, our employers can manage the whole hiring process from one place, and seamlessly conduct interviews, collaborate with their hiring teams and build meaningful relationships with their candidates.


SocialDice owes most of its success to the its fabulous and diverse team of 15 innovators. We pride ourselves with our diversity and our experience. Our creative team members come from Syria, Jordan, United States, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine, making SocialDice a truly regional company.

A team with sales and management experience working with solid companies such Bayt.com, and Nuqul Group. A team with experience building software and recruiting people for Maktoob, Stock Exchange Commission, Boeing, Intel, HP, IMENA, and Airport International Group. A team that was couch crushing to penetrate new markets in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan .