See how your recruitment process can be organized, simple and smart!

Connect your company’s brand with your hiring process

Feature Checkmark Talented candidates look for a career not a job! Therefore, we are helping you in making your careers page rich in content and more attractive to candidates.

Create a unique careers site that:

  • Is live and functional within minutes
  • Requires no coding experience.
  • Automatically uploads your available openings list.
  • Is fully customizable with your logo and matching theme colors.
  • Enables you to upload your team and workspace photos.
  • Enables adding video testimonials from your employees.
  • Is SEO optimized.
  • Is mobile and tablets compatible.

Save time creating job posts

Feature Checkmark Forget about those job descriptions drafts and save time with our already made job templates.

Our job descriptions:

  • Built by recruitment experts to cover all industries and roles.
  • Contain all details, from duties, to education and required skills.
  • Automatically designed and formatted.
  • Branded with your company’s logo and information.

Source better talents by expanding your reach

Feature Checkmark When it comes to sourcing candidates, we believe that the more the merrier!

When posting your job on SocialDice, you will be able to:

  • Broadcast your job on major regional job boards with one click - no hassling between multiple accounts!
  • Share your jobs on social media channels.
  • Upload the CVs that you already have to your jobs.

Track and manage applicants, all in one place

Feature Checkmark Managing candidates from multiple sources is a breeze with SocialDice.

You will be able to:

  • View all the candidates who applied from all sources in one place.
  • View the resume, application history and team feedback for each candidate.
  • Customize your hiring stages and organize candidates accordingly.

Feature Checkmark Your hiring process is made easier, faster and smarter! Introducing our one-of-a-kind smart auto-ranking system.

When managing your hiring through SocialDice:

  • Your candidates are automatically filtered depending on how much they match your job description.
  • Irrelevant candidates are automatically screened out.
  • You can have your own private database of candidates, fully searchable.
  • Utilize your candidates by moving them from one job to another.

Centralize your communications with candidates and hiring teams

Feature Checkmark Getting your hiring team involved is now interactive, centralized and efficient.

With SocialDice, you can:

  • Share candidates with colleagues to get their feedback.
  • Comment, reply and like colleagues’ comments in an interactive timeline.
  • Involve your hiring team in candidate interviews and emails without leaving SocialDice.

Feature Checkmark Maintain positive communication with all candidates, at all times.

We will do the job for you by:

  • Automatically notifying candidates of their hiring stages.
  • Providing you with professional templates for interviews, emails and offers.
  • Reminding you to add all necessary details before sending anything to candidates.

Measure and improve your hiring KPIs

Feature Checkmark If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, right? And that’s why we have created a beautiful and powerful dashboard to help you get the data that you need anytime.

Our dashboard enables you to:

  • Fully track your recruitment process.
  • View professional charts and tabulated data instantly.
  • Learn about your bottle-necks in the hiring process so you can solve them.
  • Measure the efficiency of your candidates sources.
  • Instantly export reports in CSV format.