Frequently Asked Questions

For each job slot, you can have an active job where candidates can apply and you can work on the candidates' pipeline.
Yes, as many times as you need. You can archive an old job, and reuse its slot for a new one.
A SocialDice token that can be used to purchase add-on services (advertising on paid job sites, using headhunting service).
It depends on what add-on services you select. Advertisement on paid job sites varies from 1 to 2 job credits consumed depending on the site. Also, 2 job credits will be consumed when selecting the standard Headhunting service.
You can advertise your job to free and paid job sites including (LinkedIn, Bayt, Monster Gulf, Indeed, and others).
Through this service, you can tap into SocialDice network of freelance recruiters to headhunt and source candidates for your jobs.
You can buy job credits from within the system and pay online or contact our sales team for offline payment. And yes, you get discount when buying a bundle of credits and you can choose when and where to consume your credits.
We accept both online and offline payments. For offline, we issue an invoice that can be paid via wire transfer or checks.